Urban Outfitters’ Spring 2019 Home Collection Has Something For Everyone

As if we needed another reason to start redecorating, Urban Outfitters just revealed their Spring 2019 Home Collection and there’s something for every kind of home. 

There are five new furniture collections in the UO home section, each with their own distinct style and name — Ria, Camilla, Howell, Wyatt, and Finely.

Urban Outfitters' Spring 2019 Home Collection Has Something For

The Ria Collection is a bohemian blend of natural materials like woven wicker and rattan framing. Camilla is a colorful pairing of plush materials and feminine details like ruched velvet and rounded cushions. Howell features functional furniture in industrial materials like metal, leather, and canvas. Finley is a rugged mix of rough textures and metal hardware. Wyatt embodies simplicity with pieces stripped down to their natural beauty and intended for small spaces.

The wide variety of options in these new collections is putting Urban Outfitters right in the mix as one of the best sites for furniture and home decor. One important thing to note is most items are only available online.