Cheap bedroom furniture: a House & Garden stylist’s guide

Charlie Porter knows how to put a room together. As one of House & Garden’s decoration stylists she helps compile the magazine’s monthly shopping pages, and in her spare time applies her gimlet eye to sourcing antiques for her online store Tat London. Her Instagram feed is a glorious mish-mash of rooms by the world’s best designers, coupled with her latest fantastically affordable finds. In the spirit of which we’ve asked her to compile a weekly selection of affordable but beautiful items – some high street, some one-off – for a different room in the house. This week, a bedroom filled with wooden and bamboo furniture, complemented by fabrics in orange and yellow shades.

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    • RATTAN PENDANT, £72This is really only if you have ceilings taller than 9ft, but if do I think this piece of kit from Vinteriorwill bring an incredible 70s vibe to your bedroom.
Rattan Pendant, £72
  • SCALLOP WALL LIGHT, £80Lobsters had a moment, then it was pineapples, now the shell is having it’s time in the sun. I am slightly wary about buying them, because like all trends it will pass. However style prevails with these classic scallop lights from Jim Lawrence which will continue to look cool long after all the shell cushions have made their way to landfill.
Scallop Wall Light, £80
  • HEAVY LINEN CURTAIN, £79.99A good set of curtains are worth investing in, but this pair from Zara Home is an absolute steal at £80.
Heavy Linen Curtain, £79.99
  • FOUR-POSTER SOLID ACACIA WOOD KING SIZE BED, £516There is a dream bed that Pedro De Costa designed, which you can see in our December 2017 featureon his East London home. It is understated but so very effective. Here Maisons Du Monde has done something similar and helped us to edge closer to that East London dream.
Four-Poster Solid Acacia Wood King Size Bed, £516
  • CORAL STENCIL, £4.45If like me, you have bought many a dodgy piece of furniture which is still lurking around the house, instead of replacing it why not invest in stencils? Annie Sloan does a marvellous line, so even the crudest painter can give their furniture a Charleston facelift.
Coral Stencil, £4.45
  • HUNGARIAN WARDROBE CABINET, £250Not only is this wardrobe from Vinterior drop dead gorgeous, but it is also a steal. Hungarian furniture is being snapped up quickly at the moment and to find such an excellent piece that could fit into the tightest of corners is a delight.
Hungarian Wardrobe Cabinet, £250
  • BAMBOO RACK, £80I have long been a fan of the bedroom chair for dumping clothes. Instead of a chair, I say get this excellent bamboo rack from Punch the Clock; you can hang them and still have room for storage with that little wicker basket.
    • APRIL LINEN/COTTON QUILTED THROW, £67Although it is sweltering hot in the UK right now, it won’t always be like this – not that anyone needs reminding. Deep into the winter, this La Redoute quilt will be a trusty friend that will keep you warm, while also making your bedroom look comfy!
    • SIENNA IV, £180I have long been a fan of both Partnership Editions and Julianna ByrneHere you can buy the beautiful Sienna, who will add charm to the plainest of rooms.
    • PINE TRUNK, £190This beautiful Victorian Mule Chest from Vinterior is the messy persons best friend. Just before company descends, you can throw everything in it and look like a functioning adult.
    • GJORA BED, £200I have been a fan of this IKEA bed for ages; I love the form of it. It looks so sleek while also maintaining a distinctive structure. The shape opens itself up to imaginative uses; add a little curtain for added texture or just leave it in its fine form.
    • SMALL VINTAGE ARCH TOP BAMBOO MIRROR, £80If you think of buying the rattan pendant, you must at least ponder this piece. Soho Home does an excellent line of great vintage products, and this is one of their latest finds.
    • PIL WALLPAPER, £85Wallpaper is a luxury, but not a superfluous one. It gives back what you spend! This Sandberg wallpaper will refresh the dowdiest of rooms.
    • LITTLE SLAM DUNK LAMP, £95The name says it all. Loaf have produced this delightful bedside light for a great price. Without the shade its £55, but how could you resist that pleated fella?
    • CERAMIC PRAWN, £90Alice Johnson is a fantastic ceramicist (her Lady Lights are also worth a gander) but my heart was stolen by these prawn vases. What a delight!
    • NADIA BEDSIDE TABLE, £120If you have been lucky see our August issue, you will have seen this table from Habitat in Gabby Deeming’s latest decoration shoot. It looked smashing and I am sure would do the trick in your bedroom too.
    • BJÖRKSNÄS CHEST, £235This IKEA chest is solid birch with leather pulls, for £235 it’s is an incredible bargain and wouldn’t look out of place in the chicest of homes.
    • VINTAGE ANTIQUE FRENCH TUB ARMCHAIR, £198A chair in the bedroom is necessary, it can be any chair, but I am particularly fond of Victorian ones. They look so homely and inviting. This one (from CartHouse on Ebay) in its nice orangey cover looks beyond delightful.
    • DANCENY BED, £517When buying my first bed, I was astounded by the cost of the whole thing – who knew headboards weren’t a given? I chose such an awful colour for my first headboard that I resorted to recovering it with an ikat tablecloth and a staple gun. Luckily if you buy this Maisons Du Monde bed, you can sleep easy knowing that your tablecloths can stick to the table.
    • SWEDISH MARRIAGE CHEST, £540So I know £540 isn’t cheap as chips. I do realise that. But for an item like this Swedish Marriage Chest from CartHouse on Ebay trust me its an entirely reasonable price. I would go as far to say that it is a bit of a steal. The character that a piece of this standard will bring to your room is priceless.
    • SUNO FOR ANTHROPOLOGIE LAMP SHADE, £58I have always been concerned with the price of lampshades. It was one of those things that really surprised me when I started decorating my own home. This one from Anthropologie is a true winner. The drum shade with this excellent Suno design will brighten the most dismal of days.