Cheap furniture for children’s rooms: a House & Garden stylist’s guide

Charlie Porter knows how to put a room together. As one of House & Garden’s decoration stylists she helps compile the magazine’s monthly shopping pages, and in her spare time applies her gimlet eye to sourcing antiques for her online store Tat London. Her Instagram feed is a glorious mish-mash of rooms by the world’s best designers, coupled with her latest fantastically affordable finds. In the spirit of which we’ve asked her to compile a weekly selection of affordable but beautiful items – some high street, some one-off – for a different room in the house. This week, a children’s room filled with colour, pattern, and fun.

Oliver Bonas striped dhurrie, £20

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    • OLIVER BONAS STRIPED DHURRIE, £20Bring a bit of bounce to any kids room with this bombastic rug and you’ll be smiling! 
      Buy it here.
SOLAR SYSTEM 50 X 70cm Print By Jazzberry Blue, Habitat, £36
  • SOLAR SYSTEM 50 X 70CM PRINT BY JAZZBERRY BLUE, HABITAT, £36Cool, educational and could easily be placed in other parts of the house when the teenage rebellion starts knocking.
    Buy it here.
Moroccan Kilim, Cart House, £95
  • MOROCCAN KILIM, CART HOUSE, £95Cart House isn’t just for the adults, this wonderful rug would happily be placed in a kids room. It also has a great amount of pattern which will hopefully hide all those messes that kids seem to create.
    Buy it here.
Nursery Bedlinen, Cologne & Cotton, from £12
  • C19TH TYPOGRAPHIC PRINT, PENTREATH & HALL, £30Pentreath and Hall is a winner of a shop – I thought it wouldn’t be able to throw any charms my way for children’s bedrooms but lookie here! A super cool ABC print is just the ticket.
House-shaped wooden shelf, H&M, £19.99

  • Buy it here.
    • NURSERY BEDLINEN, COLOGNE & COTTON, FROM £12Cologne & Cotton, what a wonderful place. Filled with everything to make you feel cosy. While shopping through their fantastic bedlinen do also have a look at their range of nighties, quite marvellous.
      Buy it here.
Busunge extendable bed, IKEA, £130
  • HOUSE-SHAPED WOODEN SHELF, H&M, £19.99What perfect shelving for a child’s bedroom, a lick of paint and this would really shine!
    Buy it here.
Luggy basket, £45, Olli Ella
  • BUSUNGE EXTENDABLE BED, IKEA, £130One thing I have noticed about kids is that they grow. This extendable bed from Ikea is made to help you with this, particularly annoying issue. 
    Buy it [link url=”[link url=””]Busunge[/link]”]here[/link].
    • LUGGY BASKET, £45, OLLI ELLAI first saw this in Gabby Deeming’s Christmas Main Decoration shoot in 2016. It featured at the end of a child’s bed, filled with presents. It looked adorable, and I can imagine it’s quite good for storage and play!
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    • TOUR DE FRANCE HISTORY PRINT, ETSY, FROM £21.25I am not a big cycle fan – but its hard not to be delighted by the colours and form that this print takes.
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    • FLENSTED SWALLOW MOBILE, SKANDIUM, £14I did a feature on mobiles last year and became quite obsessed with them. I bought one for myself and every time I look it, I feel a brief wave of happiness. The master of the mobile is Flensted. They come in so many different forms the difficulty is choosing which get to grace your ceiling.
      Buy it here.
    • LITTLE HOME AT JOHN LEWIS BOTANIST METAL BED FRAME, £225.00Growing up, I had an iron bedstead; I was very proud of it. I feel that most children would feel quite proud of this simple Victorian style bedstead.
      Buy it here.
    • TOMMY YELLOW DESK LAMP, HABITAT, £18Bedside lights are essential, I used mine to play Gameboy late into the night, but I am sure there are other uses. This little ’Tommy’ from Habitat gives you a pleasant shock of colour while also being incredibly sweet.
      Buy it here.
    • PERSONALISED EMBROIDERED MINI BASKET, EDIT58, £22Kids seem to need a lot of stuff. I imagine any help on the storage front is greatly appreciated, so when it comes in the form of one of these delightful personalised baskets from edit58 it’s a true blessing.